Zoozua Design is a  design studio, by young Finnish designer, Joosua Kuusela.

We are a small design studio, but with big merits.

Our design philosophy stands for fresh, scandinavian design, that combines classical elegance with modern elements. Mostly, the best design language is created from smooth, round, edgy and square shapes that are connected with a perfect harmony. It creates timeless and even organic shape. This design language is well known from modern luxury products.

It’s important for us, that the big picture, the main surface, is designed by a fresh, elegant and timeless way. The details are modern, and with good quality that creates a special and recognizable look for a final product.

One of our customers was Mercedes-Benz in a commercial video project.

Our goal is to redesign scandinavian premium.

We have experience from:

  • Car design sketching
  • Product design
  • Graphic design
  • Architechture
  • Art (acrylic paintings, water colour, and marker renderings)

Gallery, the bests of Zoozua Design


IMG_1782           IMG_1729

IMG_0065 (2)                 Im Blue kopio

IMG_0402             IMG_0070 (2).jpg

Peura piirrustus (1).jpg  IMG_0066.jpg